Dredging at Tanza

PrimeBMD established our dredging business in August 2018 with the inauguration of our Beaver 50 Cutter Suction Dredger, CSD Lady Denise and her accompanying workboat, MV Lady Felicia. Since that time, we have dredged over 1 million cubic meters of material from Manila Bay.  Recently, we completed a total of 82,000m3 on our return to Tanza Gateway Terminal where we completed maintenance dredging of the channel.

As a business, we continue to innovate and improve the efficiency of our dredging operation and we look forward to welcoming to the fleet the SHB Lady Marcella — our 3300m3 Split Hopper Barge. We relish the opportunity to assist our growing client base with their dredging needs throughout the Philippines.

Thank you to our dredge team who continue to strive for Zero Harm and live up to the values of PrimeBMD in everything they do.

For more information regarding our business, kindly visit www.primebmd.com.ph.

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