People and Careers

PrimeBMD welcomes applicants who share our commitment to responsible work practices and whose ethics are closely aligned with our company’s values and culture.

Our Culture

At PrimeBMD, we welcome innovative, career-minded graduates and encourage applicants who share our commitment to responsible work practices and whose ethics are closely aligned with our company’s values and culture.


We get to contribute, learn, and become part of something bigger and make a real impact through the meaningful work that we do.

With PrimeBMD, we are able to work and collaborate with different teams across all our projects. Having the opportunity to be involved with a variety of projects has allowed us to be consistently challenged and supported. It’s a continuous learning process, and we are grateful that we are constantly evolving as a group.

April Fernandes, Project Coordinator
Felma Bondoc, Senior Administration Officer

Ramon Rius,
Head of HSEQ

Karlo Flores,
Senior Project Engineer

Dominic Abrigo,
Project Engineer

Hilario Caringal,
ISO Compliance Officer




  • Project Manager oversees the general running of the project to ensure a construction project proceeds safely, accurately, and smoothly through proper coordination between the client, the project management, the project team and subcontractors involved.
  • Requires a Licensed Civil Engineer with fifteen (15) years minimum combined experience in engineering and construction works execution.
  • Technical Manager handles the detailed design and construction aspects of the project. He/she prepares detailed installation plans, methodology, processes, and procedures for support of the construction team, as well as propose and oversee timelines for engineering proposals and submissions that are met.
  • Requires a Civil-Structural Engineer with a minimum of fifteen (15) years cumulative experience in the design of water supply projects, and had involvement in the design of at least two (2) tunnels for water conveyance/transportation projects within the last twenty-five (25) years.
  • Geotechnical Engineer involves in analyzing soil, rock, groundwater, and other earth materials prior to major construction projects.
  • Requires a Licensed Civil or Mining Engineer with 15 years of project execution experience in Tunneling, Mining, or Underground works.
  • Materials Engineer handles tests and assesses the materials used in construction. He/she ensures that building foundations and materials are suitable and offer guidance on the best materials to use for a project, based on their individual properties, project costs, and timeframes.
  • Requires a Licensed Civil Engineer with 8 years relevant experience and DPWH Accredited Materials Engineer II
  • Construction Manager oversees the construction process for buildings and other pieces of infrastructure like bridges and roads, upholds the use of quality materials and procedures, adheres to budgets to complete tasks or purchase materials, and reviews contracts to make sure that current practices align with the client expectations.
  • Requires a Licensed Civil Engineer with 15 years’ experience in project engineering process for large-scale projects, e.g. design and construction implementation and coordination, planning, technical and commercial evaluation, project periodic reports, survey and engineering reports, submittals, and construction drawing (shop/fabrication, cutting schedule, etc.), preparation and evaluation, specific project drawings and specification development, controls, methodology, coordination, and management of the preceding/succeeding tasks.
  • Structural Engineer involves in the designing and constructing of buildings and structures that are safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they will be exposed, as well as improving the structural integrity of existing buildings.
  • Requires a Licensed Civil and Structural Engineer with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the construction of Ports and Civil Works projects.


Fulfilling PrimeBMD’s commitment to employ and develop young talents, the Graduate Engineer Program provides graduates a solid understanding of project engineering and a broad range of skill sets, developing their ability and flexibility to perform different roles according to their aspirations and the company requirements.

The program is designed to accelerate the development of frontline operations and technical capabilities and qualities to enable a graduate engineer to move into more senior roles as the company continues to grow.

Enjoy increased opportunity with our Graduate Engineer Program.

Businessman and businesswoman using see plan paper at construction site



Fresh graduates with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following courses:

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Engineers with 1-year work experience 

Program Details & Benefits

2-2.5 years duration: rotations in live projects, full work involvement in various Head Office departments

Exposure to site operations as part of project team

Partake in technical processes and interact with professionals of different fields

Full support from experienced colleagues and a committed leadership team


Training through rotation assignment in various departments are provided to:

Reinforce theory with direct project experience

Obtain a higher level of technical competence

Strengthen knowledge and confidence in engineering, commercial aspects and company culture

Ensure competence with PrimeBMD systems

Enable facing the challenges of working long term with the company

Completion and Assessment

After each rotation, a Rotation Log must be accomplished to reflect the progress and learning acquired from each training activity.

Every rotation will provide the graduate engineer the opportunity to determine his prime interest and career direction

Stream out according to inclination and work performance. The stream is either Operations or Technical.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate engineer will be issued a Prime Metro BMD Program Completion Certificate.

I love being part of the PrimeBMD family. Here, I am surrounded with people who make me feel respected and supported.

When I joined PrimeBMD, I had this one goal in mind—add value to the organization through the work that I do. Being involved in this kind of role is no easy feat and has its own challenges, but PrimeBMD always makes me feel that my contributions are valued.

Hilario Caringal, ISO Compliance Officer


Bendigo Airport Stage 2

Location: Victoria, Australia
Client: City of Greater Bendigo
Contract Value: $15 million

BMD Constructions was contracted to deliver a new 1600-meter ‘Class 3C’ runway, and associated taxiway and apron upgrades as part of the second stage of the Bendigo Airport re-development project. The runway delivers improved infrastructure, expands capacity for emergency service providers and enables aircrafts carrying up to 70 passengers to land.


Montclair Interchange

Location: Porac, Pampanga, Philippines
Client: Robinsons Land Corporation
Contract Value: Php383million

The Montclair Interchange Project is the first step in Robinsons Land Corporation’s development of a 200-hectare mixed-use residential and commercial property spanning the SCTEX just south of Clark, Pampanga. PrimeBMD was contracted to construct a trumpet interchange onto the SCTEX expressway with international standard on and off ramps and an eight-lane toll Plaza leading onto the Robinsons Land Property.

Solaire Resort and Casino - Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Location: Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Client: Sureste Properties, Inc.
Contract Value: Php290 million

PrimeBMD was engaged as the general contractor for the design and construction for the upgrade, expansion, and refurbishment of the existing Phase 1 and Phase 1A Sewage Treatment Plants in Solaire Resort and Casino. The upgraded STPs adopted the Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) nitrification-denitrification activated sludge technology and were designed to provide total treatment capacity of 1,200 m3/day for Phase 1 and 2, 180 m3/day for Phase 1A respectively.

Wawa Bulk Water Supply -Tayabasan Weir 2

Location: Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines
Client: Wawa JVCo Inc.
Contract Value: Php1.2billion

As part of the long-term plan to improve water supply and delivery to Metro Manila, several projects have been slated for development and execution. The Tayabasan Weir 2 project was secured by the Wawa JVCo Inc. to support this program. PrimeBMD was engaged to construct a weir creating a reservoir and a water transfer that will be used to deliver 80 million liters(MLD) of water to the Calawis Treatment Plant. The ongoing flagship project involves the construction of two water supply infrastructures that will provide Manila Water Company Inc. (MWCI) 80 MLD in the first phase to be completed by next year and will deliver the full 518 MLD in its second phase by December 2025.The project will also address problems of flooding in the eastern part of Metro Manila and lower areas in the province of Rizal.


MICT Maintenance Dredging Work

Location: Port of Manila, Manila, Philippines
Client: International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
Contract Value: Php94million

PrimeBMD was engaged as the general contractor for the dredging works for Berths 3, 5, and 6and the basin at the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT). To cope with the growing economy of the country and to address the demand for imported supplies, PrimeBMD is clearing the areas to be transformed into new berths at MICT by dredging a total of 250,296 m3. This ensures the existing berths improve the accessibility for the cargo vessels that come in.

MICT Berth 1-5 Wharf Repairs

Location: Tondo, Manila, Philippines
Client: International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
Contract Value: Php625 million

As a result of ICTSI’s increasing port operations, Berths 1-5 have suffered considerable wear and tear. PrimeBMD and Freyssinet International formed a consortium to rehabilitate1.2 km of wharf, from Berth 1 to Berth 5. These repairs addressed a critical need to extend the life of the facility while maintaining full operations during construction.


MICT Berth 7 Southern Yard Extension

Location: Port of Manila, Manila, Philippines
Client: International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
Contract Value: Php3.1 billion

To cope with the country’s growing economy and to address increasing imports, ICTSI contracted PrimeBMD to design and construct an extension and the reclamation of South Yard at the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT). The work involves reclaiming 28,500 sq.m of land and constructing a 150-meter-longWharf in Manila Bay to support the handling of an increasing volume of container van shipments.


Manila International Container Terminal Berth 7 Southern Yard Extension

Location: Port of Manila, Manila, Philippines
Client: International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
Contract Value: PHP 3.1 Billion

To cope with the country’s growing economy and to address increasing imports, ICTSI contracted PrimeBMD to design and construct an extension and the reclamation of South Yard at MICT. The work involves reclaiming 28,500 sq.m. of land and constructing a 150-meter long Wharf in Manila Bay to support the handling of an increasing volume of container van shipments.

MICT East Access Road

Location: Port of Manila, Manila, Philippines
Client: International Container Terminal Services,Inc.
Contract Value: Php32.7million

PrimeBMD was engaged for the concreting of pavement at East Access Road and construction of a new drainage system at the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT) to improve traffic conditions for increasing container van shipments at Major Access Road.

Self-Performing Works

As well as utilizing local subcontractors and suppliers, we are a multi-disciplinary company that can self-perform works, rather than just project manage works usually undertaken by subcontractors. Our ability to self-perform key construction activities enables us to set the construction, control project costs, and establish standards for quality and safety. It also provides us with increased flexibility to respond to project and scope changes.

Having developed the in-house capability to deliver key components allows us to deliver detailed scheduling, planning, resourcing, and execution of critical activities, as well as early identification and mitigation of associated risks.

While PrimeBMD utilizes a range of reliable subcontractors and local suppliers who we have long-standing relationships with, we also recognize the certainty to be gained while controlling the entire processes, particularly when tight timelines are crucial.

Stakeholder and Community Management

Many of our operations involve significant interaction with the local communities. Stakeholder and community relations is identified as the role and responsibility of everyone that is involved in the delivery of PrimeBMD projects, not just the community relations team. We work with clients to ensure projects have sufficient stakeholder management plans and the resources needed to lead positive engagement outcomes.

Capacity of Project Teams

PrimeBMD has the resources and experience to deliver projects ranging in size and complexity. We provide the optimum level of service to our clients across the
value chain. Our commitment to understanding our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations remains the same, regardless of the project size or value.

With a national footprint, we build and retain experienced and skilled project teams, focusing on fostering and retaining a culture of high-performance because we understand that the success of our projects is based on our people. Regardless of where or what we are working on, we are committed to providing more, doing more, and giving confidence to our clients and partners.

We carefully structure our project teams to ensure the right people with the right skills have the capability to deliver exceptional results. At the heart of our services is our engineering and construction expertise, and this combined with our resources and experience across every facet of community infrastructure means we always meet project demands with quality, commitment, and collaboration.

Collaborative Contracting

We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach to business and using our integrated service delivery model to provide seamless and cost-effective projects outcomes for clients. We offer our clients benefits such as ‘hassle free’ project delivery, a positive and productive working environment and specialist project teams.

Unique to PrimeBMD is our ability to manage the sheer magnitude of projects in a way that our competitors cannot. We deliver smaller jobs whilst simultaneously delivering up to big-ticket landmark projects. This approach makes us much more diversified, allowing us to achieve seamless and cost-effective project delivery.

Timely Delivery of Projects

We invest in a collaborative approach with clients and partners beginning at the early stages of our projects, identifying key challenges, managing risks, allocating appropriate resources, and setting clear roles and responsibilities. Through open and frequent communication, our teams work effectively and efficiently to deliver industry best practices and the acceleration of stages throughout the construction period. We understand that the timely delivery of projects enhances our clients’ return on investment and implements the necessary project management tools and controls to ensure this happens whenever possible. The breadth of our engineering and construction expertise coupled with our collaborative approach enables us to deliver both small and large-scale public infrastructure projects efficiently and effectively.

Delivering on our Zero Harm Goal

We apply the same health, safety, and environmental management systems across all our projects regardless of size and complexity, helping guide our teams towards our goal of Zero Harm. We are proud of our achievements in terms of safety and the environment, and are determined to further our commitment to a level that makes PrimeBMD synonymous with excellent safety performance, regardless of the challenges in any project we undertake. 

Montclair Access Bridge

Location: Porac, Pampanga, Philippines
Client: Robinsons Land Corporation
Contract Value: Php180million

As a result of a successful performance from the Montclair Interchange project, PrimeBMD was awarded the contract to deliver the Montclair Access Bridge. The works involve the construction of a 323-meter-long concrete road and 62-meter bridge adjacent to the Montclair Interchange. The project also includes the construction of retaining walls, fences, and utilities along the roads such as storm drainage, sewer line, water line, and electrical works.

Wawa Access Road

Location: Antipolo City,Rizal, Philippines
Client: Wawa JVCo Inc.
Contract Value: Php69 million

PrimeBMD was engaged for the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing access roads and detailed design of permanent access road to Upper Wawa Dam.

With PrimeBMD, I have learned so many things that have helped in my career and professional development.

I started with PrimeBMD as part of its Graduate Engineer Program. Throughout these years, I was given the opportunity to work across a variety of projects within the business and has contributed to the development of my skill set. Being part of the PrimeBMD family has allowed me to continue to learn and grow and helped me in reaching my goals.

Dominic Abrigo, Project Engineer


Kangaroo Island Airport Upgrade

Location: South Australia, Australia
Client: Kangaroo Island Council
Contract Value: $7.5 million

Located 107 km from Adelaide off the tip of South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island and one of South Australia’s most popular tourist attractions. Prior to construction works being completed, the only access to the island was a Sealink ferry service from Cape Jervis, 100 km from Adelaide’s CBD, or regional flights with limited capacity and no direct services from interstate. BMD was engaged by Kangaroo Island Council to upgrade the Kangaroo Island (Kingscote) Airport including an extension and overlay of the existing runway, realignment and overlay of associated taxiway and apron pavements as well as the construction of a new terminal, including upgraded cargo processing facilities, and improving and expanding on existing terminal infrastructure.

At PrimeBMD, we recognize that to be able to achieve the best outcomes for the business and our people, we need to work together and support each other.

I am proud and happy working for PrimeBMD. Each day presents a different set of challenges, and there is always something new to learn and look forward to. We get to collaborate and work with people who share the same passion and vision and build a strong team that supports each other.

Karlo Flores, Senior Project Engineer

It makes me happy seeing every member of our team working together to support and promote a culture of safety in their day-to-day work.

We work in an industry that is of very high risk. Ensuring that our safety protocols are in place and making sure we all go home safely to our families everyday have always been PrimeBMD’s top priority.

Ramon Rius, Head of HSEQ


COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Center

Location: Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Client: International Container Terminal Services, Inc.

PrimeBMD completed the mega vaccination site in Nayong Pilipino at Paranaque City that offers drive-thru vaccination booths and ambulatory courts for walk-ins. The vaccination site, which was funded by the International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) Foundation, has the capacity to administer 15,000 jabs per day


COVID-19 Quarantine Centers and Testing Facilities

In 2020,with the urgent need to address the overwhelmed healthcare systems and the government needing additional support from private sectors, PrimeBMD rushed to mobilize its team and transform several facilities into field hospitals and converted event centers and medical facilities into mega swabbing centers in support of the government’s detection and isolation strategies. PrimeBMD retrofitted two indoor arenas (Ninoy Aquino Stadium and Rizal Memorial Coliseum) into instant hospitals with beds for COVID patients, nurses’ stations, donning and doffing stations, dining areas, and shower and toilet facilities; and transformed a cruise ship terminal(Philippine Ports Authority Cruise Ship Terminal) into temporary healthcare facility that aimed to provide quarantine spaces for returning seafarers and overseas workers–each completed in under a week. PrimeBMD also converted three event centers (Enderun, Palacio De Manila, MOA Arena), a medical facility (Solaire Medical Facility), and a private golf club (EKR Private Golf Club)in Laguna into Mega Swabbing Centers. By end of 2020, PrimeBMD had put up nine facilities, including the largest mega quarantine facility (Solaire-PAGCOR Mega Quarantine Center) in Manila with 600 patient cubicles, rooms for medical frontliners, and support facilities. A team of 160 worked 24/7 to complete the facility in 40 days.


Robinson Road Open Level Crossing

Location: Queensland, Australia
Client: Brisbane City Council
Contract Value: $98million

Jointly funded by the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council (BCC), BMD Constructions, in partnership with SMEC Australia and BCC, formed the Geebung Overpass (GO) Alliance. The GO Alliance was contracted to design and construct the Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement, separating the open level crossing on Newman Road at Geebung from the through road network. The project involved construction of a new four-lane road-over-rail overpass to join Robinson Road East and Robinson Road West; construction of a new pedestrian overbridge with lifts and stairs to provide access for all to the Geebung rail station platforms; extension of Railway Parade to meet the overpass on the northern side; construction of a new signalized intersection; removal of the level crossing and boom gates; construction of new pedestrian and cyclist links through the area; and urban design treatments to mitigate the impact of the project on the local community.


Antiene to Grasstree Rail Duplication

Location: New South Wales, Australia
Client: Australian Rail and Track Corporation
Contract Value: $16.8million

Stretching 7kmbetween Antiene and the existing Grasstree to St. Heliers loop, BMD Constructions was engaged to undertake all track and civil works involved in constructing a second main line. The works involved major realignment of 500 meters and 670 meters of the proposed down main and up main respectively, with track slews and new track construction; realignment of 6kmof the proposed down main with new track construction to class 1XC standards; minor realignment of 830 meters of the existing mainline slewing of the existing Macquarie Generation coal unloading turnout; installation of crossovers; construction of four, five-meter high gabion retaining walls totalling 4210m3;and extension of four large cross drainage culverts.


RAAF Amberley Battlefield Airlifter

Location: Queensland, Australia
Client: Laing O’Rourke Australia on behalf of the Department of Defence
Contract Value: $62 million

BMD Constructions was contracted to deliver three packages of works as part of the Battlefield Airlifter Main Operating Base Facilities project including providing necessary working, logistics, training, maintenance, and technical facilities to support the introduction of the C-27J Battlefield Airlifter aircraft. The works involved bulk earthworks, civil works, construction of new headquarters, a hanger, maintenance and warehouse facilities, and a new simulator and training facility; construction of a new apron including high mast airfield ground lighting and hydrant refueling; and construction of pavements.

NGAC Utilities Works

Location: Capas, Tarlac, Philippines
Client: Bandar Hebat Builders, Inc.
Contract Value: Php110million

PrimeBMD was contracted to deliver all the underground utilities work for the National Government Administrative Center (NGAC), which is part of the development of the New Clark City in Central Luzon. The facility hosted the SEA Games in November 2019. PrimeBMD delivered the works ahead of the contract schedule with zero lost time injury (LTI)and exceptional quality of works.

SA Power Networks Capital Works Program

Location: South Australia, Australia
Client: SA Power Networks
Contract Value: $8.7million

SA Power Networks provide an essential service to the South Australian community by building, maintaining, upgrading, and extending a network that currently delivers power to more than 820,000 customers. Building on a previous working relationship, BMD Constructions secured a negotiated works package to undertake a series of substation projects, forming part of SA Power Networks overall city west project. The initiative was aimed at increasing capacity and improving the security of South Australia’s electricity supplies.

Lakeland Solar and Storage Plant

Location: Queensland, Australia
Client: Conergy
Contract Value: $5million

BMD Constructions completed civil, mechanical, and structural works related to the construction of the Lakeland Solar and Storage Power Plant, located approximately three hours north-west of Cairns in Far North Queensland. As the southern hemisphere’s first integrated solar, storage and fringe-of-grid project of this scale, it is designed to consistently feed renewable energy into the grid. The project demonstrates the capability for large-scale solar combined with a smart controller and storage to improve power quality and supply.

Crookwell 2 Wind Farm

Location: New South Wales, Australia
Client: CrookwellDevelopment Pty Ltd
Contract Value: $38million

BMD was contracted as part of a consortium with Consolidated Power Projects Australia Pty Ltd, for stage 2 of construction works at the Crookwell Wind Farm. The project was located in Crookwell, approximately 90 minutes north of Canberra, and was BMD’s first wind power project. The project comprised the design and construction of gravel access tracks including drainage, concretefoundations for the wind turbines and construction of crane platforms and hardstands. The 91MW wind farm is able to produce up to 320-GWhof renewable energy annually for homes in Canberra from 28 turbines, contributing to the capital’s 100% renewable energy target.

MICT Expansion of Reefer Rack

Location: Port of Manila, Manila, Philippines
Client: International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
Contract Value: Php64.2million

PrimeBMD was engaged as the general contractor for the construction of Berth 6 –Expansion of Reefer Rack (BLK 4O) at the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT). To cope with the growing economy of the country and to address the demand for imported cold supplies, PrimeBMD worked on the expansion of reefer rack berth at MICT to account for the increasing volume of container reefer van shipments.

MICT CFS1 Container Yard Construction

Location: Port of Manila, Manila, Philippines
Client: International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
Contract Value: Php180million

The project covered two stages–the demolition of the CFS1 warehouse in Tondo, Manila and the transformation of the demolished area into a stockyard for empty containers. With Manila International Container Terminal’s (MICT)escalating requirement for a storage space for their containers, PrimeBMD successfully levelled and concreted 19,000 sq.m. of land to address this need. An additional container wash area was also constructed.

Solaire North – Base Build

Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Client: Sureste Properties, Inc.
Contract Value: Php2.3 billion

PrimeBMD was engaged to carry out the base build infrastructure works at Solaire North. The casino complex will cover 1.5 hectares of land with the hotel rising to 33 floors, totaling 196,000 sq.m. of land. The works will be completed with high level finishes and equipment sourced from local and international suppliers and contractors.

Solaire North – Enabling Works

Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Client: Sureste Properties, Inc.
Contract Value: Php174million

In a joint venture with DMCI, PrimeBMD was engaged as the general contractor for the construction of Sureste Properties Inc.’s new casino and hotel in Quezon City –Solaire North. The engagement has been to undertake the hotel’s enabling works and base build. The complex will have 33 floors of hotel accommodation plus six floors of podium gaming space

Business Management Systems

PrimeBMD’s Management Systems have the structure, depth and flexibility to guide the successful delivery of even the most complex of projects. It is designed to create an integrated approach to cost, time, quality, safety, and environmental management. Backed by our corporate philosophy and policies, the system is able to provide the necessary plans, procedures, training, and reporting systems that can assist our teams in the delivery of projects based on industry best practices.