PrimeBMD retrofits Eva Macapagal Super Terminal as COVID -19 Facility

PrimeBMD, an affiliate of Prime Infrastructure of the Razon Group, is assisting the Philippine Inter Agency Task Force to provide additional COVID – 19 treatment facilities, which are integral to the country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following on from the completion of works at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Prime BMD were recently able to mobilize its resources and personnel to implement the building works on the Eva Macapagal Super Terminal at South Harbor.  

The Lopez Group of Companies provided funding for the project, calling it a focused approach to provide COVID-19 related treatment and quarantine to returning seafarers and other OFWs. The works was overseen by the Philippine Ports Authority.  

Of national importance as the Philippines further ramps up its efforts to combat the COVID – 19 pandemic,  the project was again delivered at breakneck speed to quickly respond to the urgent requirement to provide additional treatment. The facility includes 211 patient cubicles, nursing stations, wash and messing facilities and was completed within 8 days.

PrimeBMD mobilised 180 workers, 40 subcontractor personnel, and 30 staff working on the project 24/7 and established strict guidelines to ensure proper social distancing and advanced hygiene practices on the project. Prime BMD are very proud  to be part of this project, and would like to thank all of our staff, subcontractors and suppliers who are helping us to deliver critical works and are going the extra mile to ensure that, together, we can deliver this critical infrastructure.

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