PrimeBMD celebrates the start of Berth 7 Piling

Earlier this month, the PrimeBMD team at our MICT Berth 7 Construction Project gathered to celebrate the start of piling activities in Tondo, Manila. We also took the time to sign up to our recently established Team Values and Team Relationship goals.

Collectively, the team developed these ideals, and together, we plan to use these principles to guide us on our decision-making over the next 18 months as a project team.

The piling works are progressing well, and since commencement in early February, the team has driven 102 of the 140 piles, each weighing 20t and measuring up to 36m in length.

Staff sign their commitments to the team values that PrimeBMD aims to continually uphold.
PrimeBMD MICT Bert 7 Team

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