PrimeBMD holds inaugural Safety Day Training

Last Saturday, PrimeBMD held its inaugural Annual Safety Training Day at the MICT Project Site, Tondo, Manila. The Safety Training Day underpins our continual learning process as part of our ongoing commitment to achieving Zero Harm.

Key safety messages included topics such as people and plant interaction, lifting safety, electrical safety, trenching, working over water, manual handling, and tool and equipment care. The day involved presentations, field demonstrations, plant interaction, and workshops to reiterate PrimeBMD’s safety standards.

Over 180 staff attended the event and reflected on our own personal commitment to safety as we also celebrated the significant achievement of reaching 4 Million Manhours LTI free.

We would like to thank all of our staff and suppliers who contributed to the day and hope that you will take away better knowledge on safety risk management that will contribute significantly to your personal safety leadership.

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