PrimeBMD initiates morale-boosting program

On May 23, PrimeBMD’s Good Health and Wellbeing Committee held a get-together for lunch at our site in Manila International Container Terminal (MICT).

A Boodle Fight was set up by the committee and the MICT team with the theme ‘Celebrating Success and Igniting Team Spirit’. The lunch event aimed to celebrate the successes—big or small— of the team for every little effort and all the hard work they’ve put into our projects. That aside, the festivity aimed to foster camaraderie among the management, staff, and workers. Everyone was involved in the event, from the preparation to the celebration, down to the restoration.

The Good Health and Wellbeing Committee is an initiative by the BMD Group in Australia, where BMD holds programs for the employees designed to minimize health problems, maximize performance and maintain our team focused culture. Continuing this tradition, PrimeBMD is also set to follow these footsteps to ensure that our people, who are the core of our business, stay happy, healthy, and motivated.

To continue celebrating our teams’ little successes, the committee will hold such events regularly.

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